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Are you finally ready to reduce your electric bill through smarter electrical solutions? Want a longer bulb life and less frequent change requirements? Then call our team today about our retrofitting service that can make your old home ready for the new and improved lighting solutions on the market. We can work with you personally to identify the upgrades and improvements you need to fully benefit from our LED installation packages.

LED lighting is the most efficient and long-lasting kind of lighting on the market today. LED lighting technology has already caused a revolution in the way that homes and businesses view their lighting needs. It is radically more efficient than traditional lighting. The brilliantly white light can last up to 100 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb, remaining in service for 50,000 hours and 11 years. 

At Texas Platinum Electrical Services, we are your source for LED lighting in Austin, TX, and we have solutions for all of your residential and commercial needs. Everyone is interested in reducing their energy consumption, and our LED lights can contribute significantly. How? LEDs are orders of magnitude better for energy efficient lighting. There simply is no comparison among LEDs and other lighting technologies. Eco-friendly LED lights have also come down dramatically in price from just a few years ago as well. And while they are still more expensive than traditional bulbs, their energy savings and longevity enable you to potentially realize thousands of dollars in savings each year as you reduce your energy bill. 

The LED benefits are manifest. For all of your LED lighting in Austin, TX, we are the company to turn to. We have a broader range of bulbs and lighting systems for LED than any other supplier in the area.

No job is too big or too small for our team of professionals. We can help you determine the details that need to go into your next lighting project or upgrade. Whatever you needs are for lighting, there is a good chance that LED is part of the solution. Call us today and ask about our LED lighting solutions.

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