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Texas Platinum Electrical Services performs a wide range of electrical services in Austin, TX. Our full service approach includes every project type according to size and specification. The broad range of experience that we have developed in the electrical industry goes to work for you with every project that we perform.

Our experienced team has learned the ins and outs of every type of electric project so we are more than qualified to perform your particular project whatever it may be.
The services that we provide can be applied to both commercial as well as residential projects. Business owners in Austin depend on our electrical services to keep their companies in full operation. Our residential clients have also come to realize that they can rely on Texas Platinum Electrical Services for all of their electrical needs.

Many older homes require a multitude of electrical improvements—particularly electrical wiring and replacement. Our reputable electrical installations and upgrades assure your home is up to modern building codes and guarantees the safety of your family. We work with the needs of homeowners to extend electrical reach by upgrading lighting systems for improved ambiance and energy efficiency, and installing convenient electrical outlets. By enhancing your power sources, you will save a lot of time and money in the long run.
Commercial buildings, in particular, need to be up to code. If electrical troubleshooting is not performed properly, revenue can be disrupted, because employees are less productive and clients are inconvenienced. Additionally, there are electrocution and fire hazards to worry about. That is why we, at Texas Platinum Electrical Services, never carry out commercial maintenance and electrical upgrades hastily. We always ensure that your electrical problems are remedied with utmost efficiency so the problem does not happen again.

No matter how intricate or small your electrical repairs may be, you can count on our electricians to assist you. For business owners, it is especially important that you receive modifications every couple of years. During every service, we always provide a full inspection of your electrical system to make sure there are no vulnerabilities or hazards to worry about. Rest assured Texas Platinum Electrical Services delivers first-rate results at reasonable prices.

Let the experienced team at Texas Platinum Electrical Services go to work for you with our reliable electrical services. 

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