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Texas Platinum Electrical Services is a premier electrical contractor in Austin, TX. For many years, our goal has been to provide top of the line electrical work and outstanding customer service on each and every job. We strive to constantly do our best with thorough reliable electrical work that will keep your home or office running safely and smoothly for years to come!

Electrical problems for both homeowners and business owners can be a major inconvenience. They halt our everyday activities and can profoundly interrupt productivity. Luckily, we at Texas Platinum Electrical Services offer unsurpassed residential and commercial electrical services in Austin, TX. We have years of experience taking on the most complex electrical repairs at unbeatable prices. Our services are always carried out quickly and efficiently.

At Texas Platinum Electrical Services, we specialize in a multitude of electrical maintenance services, including electrical panel repairs, electrical system inspections, outdoor lighting inspections, electrical troubleshooting, LED lighting upgrades, and much more. If you are experiencing any electrical problems, it is important that you call a professional electrician for your safety, and so that the problem does not escalate. When you call on our team, your daily routine will be back to normal in no time. 

If you would like to learn more about the team at Texas Platinum Electrical Services, then call our office today and schedule an appointment to come in and share your next lighting design creations. We are always excited to see what customers can dream up for our team to create. Contact us today and see why we are leading the market for electrical services and LED lighting in Austin, TX.

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